Thursday, April 5, 2018

Overcoming death

Read John 20:1-18

Death and darkness cannot overcome the light and life that is found through Jesus Christ.

The last word is not suffering, or violence, or betrayal, or death, the last word is love, it is resurrection.  

And so Mary gets moving … the empty tomb is not a statement of death, it is not an invitation to look in and ponder loss, rather it is a proclamation of life.   

Once Mary can change her focus, she is able to see the amazing thing God is doing.  So she goes and finds the disciples to tell them a new story … not one about death, not about the empty tomb … no she tells them about resurrection saying
“I saw the Lord!”  Notice she doesn’t say “Jesus is risen” no she proclaims her relationship with Jesus.  This is our calling church … to seek out those resurrection moments in our daily living … the ones that are hidden from plain sight, the ones that pull us out of stagnation and fear, the ones that beckon us from staring into the empty places longing for the past so we can change our focus to joy and light. 

We are called to enter into the story to see and then to tell with bold courage as Mary did. 

Prayer: God of the resurrected Christ, help me to live boldly into your calling today, seeing newness and light all around. Help me to let go and courageously move forward at your leading. Amen.

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