Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mary and the risen Christ

Read: John 20:1-18

The risen Christ does not dismiss Mary and her confusion, he meets her where she is, he calls her by name, as the Good Shepherd does
and tells her what she needs to hear in order to live into the reality of resurrection. 
She is not to hold onto the tangible Jesus any longer,
the old has passed away and before her standing is the new reality,
which today we are even still trying to put words onto, to understand and to explain. 
“Do not hold onto me.”  Much has been asked about this … many of us quickly go to a question about physical matter. 
Is it that Jesus cannot be touched, what was his resurrected body like? 
What if instead what he means to tell Mary is that you cannot hold onto me … because I need to move forward,
you need to move forward,
Mary don’t get stuck in the past.
We are not to hold onto Jesus, because then we might try to keep him right where we are right now rather than following him where he is taking us,
where he is going.
Don’t keep looking into the empty tomb, mourning Mary,
because God has so much more for us beyond death and decay.

God of the resurrected Christ, help me to live boldly into your calling today, seeing newness and light all around.  Help me to let go and courageously move forward at your leading.  Amen.

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