Sunday, November 19, 2017

Those who walk in darkness

Daily reading: Isaiah 9:1-7
Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who are these people that are walking in darkness?  What is the darkness and what light has dawned upon them? These are some of the questions that drive our curiosity.
Isaiah was a prophet that wrote during the 8th century BCE, in Jerusalem in the southern kingdom during the time that the northern kingdom had been defeated by the Assyrians and the upper class had been deported and when the southern kingdom existed as a vassal state to Assyria.
When I read this portion of Isaiah I am reminded of images that I have seen of war torn Syria, of cities in ruins, with rubble, smoke and chaos, a place where people have no hope and so have fled as refugees from their homes.  I think of what was happening in Juarez at the height of the drug war, when city streets were vacant even during the day and children played indoors behind pulled curtains.  

When I read this passage I think of those who have been trapped in the human trafficking industry.  For those who are trapped in cycles of addiction, and for those communities that are trapped in overwhelming generational poverty.  I think of those who are trapped in situations of domestic violence.  I also think of those who struggle with mental illness and often speak of their time of suffering as one in which there is great darkness in their life.  I think of those who are fighting terminal illnesses. 

Holy triune God, you seek us out in our darkness and bring us the light of hope.  May you shine light on the shadows of our community and within our souls so that we can see the places that are out of alignment, that are in need of your healing hope.  Mend us, and help us to be agents of healing.  Amen.

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