Scripture as a lens not the only lens

Daily reading: Acts 15:1-19
Wednesday May 17, 2017

In the spirit of healthy discussion and faithfulness to God’s words, Jewish believers, students of the law who followed Christ, believed that the Gentile converts needed to follow the Law of Moses; it was the bedrock of faithfulness.  Not following had, in the prophet’s eyes, been the very reason that they had experienced defeat and exile.  Faithfulness to God was grounded in a covenant.  Circumcision was the physical mark of that covenant for the men in the community.   The argument wasn’t whether Gentiles could be welcomed in; it was based on whether they needed to bear the mark of the covenant to be part of the community.

Paul, a Pharisee, also a student of the law and follower of Christ, along with Barnabas had been called by God to spread the word of God to Gentile communities, were of the mind that circumcision was not a prerequisite of being part of God’s Kingdom.

And so both sides poured over scripture as a spring board to further conversation and as a lens through which to interpret their own experiences.

Weekly practice: Practice being fully attentive to what other people are saying.  Deeply listen from a place of empathy.  Seek out moments to have conversations in person this week rather than messages through text, email or social media.  Find a place of commonality.

Prayer: Graceful Guide, you call us to fully see and deeply love one another.  May your unconditional love fill us and seep into every moment this day, even in the really difficult ones.  Amen.


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