Daily reading: Psalm 121 & Acts 8: 26-38
Thursday May 11, 2017

Focus scripture: God won’t let your foot slip.  Your protector won’t fall asleep on the job … The LORD will protect you on your journeys – whether going or coming – from now on until forever from now. Psalm 121:3&8

Philip is sent out on a wilderness road and so is the Ethiopian court official.  It is there that they encounter one another and the Holy Spirit.  The road they were on was a dangerous road and yet on the journey they not only have a transforming moment that was full of joy they also came across what they needed.

Scripture provided the point of connection and allowed space for Philip to tell his story and an oasis provided the opportunity for the Ethiopian to be baptized. 

The psalmist paints an image of God who is ever present on the journeys we take.  Take comfort in that reality.  What do you have to do to alter your day so that you are able to recognize the presence of God?  What road is God sending you onto today?

Prayer: God of the journey, order my footsteps today.  May I be mindful of every encounter as an opportunity to live into your Gospel message.  Amen.


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