Fearless Faith

Read Acts 6-7
Friday, May 5, 2017

Our world is full of examples of senseless killings like Stephen’s, where an insistence on being right trumped the life of another human. 
But we are called to live our lives differently.  To allow the Spirit to guide us in practicing forgiveness and in offering love in situations that are unbearable.  We are called to live resurrection lives, lives that are unhindered by the fears of our world.
There are countless examples of faithful responses to fear and threats.  We will conclude with a recent one:
Just weeks ago on Palm Sunday, ISIS bombed two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt.
The following week a church in Egypt was overflowing with faithful, fearless followers of Christ.
This is what a resurrection church looks like in the face of fear. 

Prayer: Holy God, may the words of scripture be a song that sings throughout my day.  May your love and compassion be the source of courage I need to face those who seek to harm, tear down, and destroy.  Amen.


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