Expanding Parameters

Daily reading Acts 15:1-19
Sunday May 14, 2017

We have been, since the Advent season, focusing on the gospel of Luke and since Easter, have been in his second volume, the book of Acts.  Luke paints a portrait of a generous God, who seeks out absolutely everyone and makes room for us all.  Barriers to the community are brought down and healing comes as people find wholeness as relationships are knit back together.
How we fully welcome people into community and the parameters we set in place to guide our community have always been present.    The conversation of who is in and who is out is a major theme in the work of Luke. The question is whether Gentiles need to be circumcised in order to show their faithfulness to God’s covenant with their community.
And what is at play is how we recognize the validity of different communities that might have a very different cultural context than our own. 

Weekly practice: Practice being fully attentive to what other people are saying.  Deeply listen from a place of empathy.  Seek out moments to have conversations in person this week rather than messages through text, email or social media.  Find a place of commonality.

Prayer: Graceful Guide, you call us to fully see and deeply love one another.  May your unconditional love fill us and seep into every moment this day, even in the really difficult ones.  Amen.


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