Do you understand?

Acts 8: 26-38
Tuesday May 9, 2017

The Ethiopian man is reading from the prophet Isaiah and Philip asks if he understands what he is reading and the man replies, “how could I?”  Revealing this fundamental truth that we need other followers and the presence of the Spirit to really understand what we are reading.  Scripture is an invitation to conversation and an encounter with the Divine.

The Ethiopian’s question gave Philip the opportunity to tell his story on the wilderness road.  Much like Christ on the road to Emmaus, he revealed the God who rescues and restores beginning with the prophet Isaiah speaking to a people in exile to the life of Christ.  Philip was given the chance to provide the lens through which he saw the world, through gospel, Kingdom eyes.

Prayer: God of scared stories, help me to see your presence in my life, help me to see connection with your Kingdom work throughout time.  Give me the voice to share my own story and the ears to hear others.  Amen.


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