Daily reading: Galatians 1:13-17, 2:11-21
Friday May 26, 2017

Daily reading: However, we know that a person isn’t made righteous by the works of the Law but rather through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ.  We ourselves believed in Christ Jesus so that we could be made righteous by the faithfulness of Christ and not by the works of the Law – because no one will be made righteous by the works of the Law. Galatians 2:16

Amidst all of their diversity as they work to welcome in both Jews and Gentiles, grace is what will form their communities.  Grace will allow them to make room for differences to exist, grace will allow each person’s unique story of faith formation to be heard and valued, grace will allow us to welcome in and make room for one another:  Which is very different than welcoming in and expecting the outsider to become like us: Which is the heart of what Paul is preaching. 

Grace allows Christ to live within us, as we let go of our attachment to ourselves and all of the baggage we carry around with us.  It allows us to be fully present with others and honor their own uniqueness without insisting that they become just like us.  It creates room for us to be in community that challenges us so that we are able to more readily let go of our ego and insistence on being right or charting the direction we move as a community so we can get out of the way and allow God to lead us forward. 

Prayer: Gracious Creator, unsettle our assumptions and our egos.  Open us up to hear your word and grace to welcome in everyone, so that there is room enough for your Holy Spirit to stretch us so there is room for Christ to dwell in and among us.  Amen.


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