Being in community

Read: Acts 6-7
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Luke’s gospel teaches us that God provides a wide welcome to a diverse group of people.  His kingdom work broke down barriers in order to bring people together. 
The church then becomes a place where we navigate our way through the diversity, where we figure out ways to be in community when we disagree.  Where we live within the tension that exists in the world and find a way to breathe resurrection in those broken places. 
But it also means that we all won’t come to the same conclusion when world events shake us to our core and leave us questioning deeply.  Church becomes the one place where we can celebrate our differences and not allow them define us or divide us.
This tendency to allow words to push against, tear down, and destroy was present in full force in Stephen’s story.  His preaching brought about a violent opposition and yet he was able to practice forgiveness.

Prayer: Holy God, may the words of scripture be a song that sings throughout my day.  May your love and compassion be the source of courage I need to face those who seek to harm, tear down, and destroy.  Amen.


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