The end of the world as we know it

Read Luke 24:1-12
Tuesday April 18, 2017

On this tax day, we can say that while taxes are certain, death no longer is.
In the resurrection narratives, Jesus’ appearance and body does not function like flesh and blood and bones.  He is able to appear in a room without using a door to enter through and disappear after breaking bread with companions on the road to Emmaus.   Yet in the midst of Thomas’ doubts, Jesus allows him to feel his wounds, so he isn’t just a vision, an apparition, or a memory.
It is hard to wrap our heads around his resurrection and for many it is the ultimate stumbling block to faith.  It is more than an intellectual concept; it is something that we live.
R.E.M.’s classic song “It’s the End of the World as we know it” is a fitting Easter song … for the women and the disciples, it really is the end of the world as we know it, and death no longer has the final world.  Anything is possible with God.

Prayer:  God, breathe resurrection in all of the dead spaces in my life.  In my refusal to let go and move forward, in my moments of holding tightly onto grudges rather than grace, in my moments where I find more comfort in staying put rather than allowing you to guide me to joy and growth.  Amen.


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