The empty tomb

Read: Luke 24:1-12
Sunday April 16, 2017
When the women arrive and the body is missing they don’t know what to make of it until two men in dazzling bright clothes ask them “why do you look for the living among the dead?  Remember what he told you, that he would rise again?”
Resurrection brings about more questions, stirs up more conversation, and allows space for doubt and wonder to co-exist.  It also begs the question, so what?  What difference does it make that Jesus was resurrected?
Join us for worship this morning as we explore what it means to live a resurrection life.

Prayer:  God breathe resurrection in all of the dead spaces in my life.  In my refusal to let go and move forward, in my moments of holding tightly onto grudges rather than grace, in my moments where I find more comfort in staying put rather than allowing you to guide me to joy and growth.  Amen.


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