Peering into the empty tomb

Read Luke 24:1-12
Saturday April 22, 2017

When we are faced with an empty tomb, the question is whether or not we are able to be filled with wonder and experience resurrection, or if we are dismayed by the ending of something significant.
Resurrection begs us to ask what places in our lives are we trying to resuscitate when we really need to be experiencing resurrection?  Why are you seeking for the living among the dead?
As we live into this Easter season, I encourage you to be open to God raising you to new life; to drawing you forward into a resurrection life.  Believe the Good News, Christ is risen from the grave!
Prayer:  God, breathe resurrection in all of the dead spaces in my life.  In my refusal to let go and move forward, in my moments of holding tightly onto grudges rather than grace, in my moments where I find more comfort in staying put rather than allowing you to guide me to joy and growth.  Amen.


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