Letting Go

Daily reading: Luke 24: 13-35
Sunday, April, 23, 2017

One of the hardest days in a young parent’s life is drop off on the first day of kindergarten.  The kids may be o.k. on that day but if you go out to the parking lot you will see a lot of teary eyed parents.  Those of us who have experienced this phenomenon know it is not because we are worried about leaving our children at the school, but it is because kindergarten marks the end of the preschool years.
As a parent, we go through many of these sorts of days.  I find that I do every year around my children’s birthdays.  I mourn what had been and begin the process of celebrating what will be and what is right now.  We all learn to embrace who our children are in the moment, their new achievements, their new experiences and new growth.
And I have to believe that is what the teachers see on the first day of school … students with all of their potential … they see what they will learn and be able to achieve, they will seek growth and anticipate great change.   
When we live a resurrected life, we eagerly seek new growth and anticipate change.  Take time to seek out the places in your life that you need to hand over to God.  It may be an area that you are desperately trying to resuscitate.  Have faith that in letting go, God will nurture and bring growth in new and unexpected ways in your life.

Prayer: God, help me to seek you out today.  Nudge me to offer hospitality and may I be ever aware of your presence in stranger and in friend.  Amen.


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