God sees you

Daily reading: Luke 18:31-19:10
Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jesus will walk with us, even when we cannot see.  In our moments of stubborn refusal and self-centeredness he walks with us; in our moments of seeking and deeply desiring to see he walks with us.  And he offers this vision of God’s Kingdom that invites us to see each other, to really see each other.  Our strengths, our weaknesses, the parts of us we want the whole world to see and the parts we would rather hide and take to our grave.  Jesus sees us and invites us to see one another.

You see the beautiful thing is that, it is in community that restoration happens and salvation is realized.  Time and time again.

Jesus gathers up the fragmented parts of our lives and offering us healing.

Prayer: God, allow me to be seen.  Help me to let go of what I need to let go of.  Help me to seek your forgiveness and move forward.  Help me to see my family, my friends, my community.  The people I would rather not see and love, the people I have judged unworthy, help me to see them and break my heart so you can put it back together.  Amen.


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