Facing our fear

Read Luke 24:1-12
Wednesday April 20, 2017

In the moment of first realizing resurrection, the women are frightened.  In fact, in most moments of God doing something phenomenal, the response is fear.  Because, it calls us into deeper belief, it calls us to let go of the things that have a death grip on us.  It calls us to step out in faith.
We revisit the story every year, hoping it will make a little more sense, that it will take a deeper hold in our lives, that it will help us to see the world differently, that we will be able to believe a little more so that the things of this world that scare the life right out of us loosen their grip.

Prayer:  God, breathe resurrection in all of the dead spaces in my life.  In my refusal to let go and move forward, in my moments of holding tightly onto grudges rather than grace, in my moments where I find more comfort in staying put rather than allowing you to guide me to joy and growth.  Amen.


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