Breaking Bread

Daily reading: Luke 24: 13-35
Thursday, April 27, 2017

As the sun sinks below the horizon and night begins to descend upon them, the two faithfully offer the stranger hospitality.  They invite him into presumably one of their homes and offer him dinner.  There the stranger takes the bread, breaks it and blesses it.    Something he had done just four nights earlier with his disciples. 
In this moment when the bread is broken, they unclenched their fists into open hands to receive the bread and the presence of Christ is revealed.  At the end of a familiar road, with broken hearts, going in the wrong direction, desiring to return to the way things used to be because they are unable to envision a new tomorrow, Jesus breaks through all of that.  Providing for them comfort, knowledge and hospitality.  While they open the door to their home, he gives them so much more, he gives them the assurance that the cross did not have the final word.

Prayer: God, help me to seek you out today.  Nudge me to offer hospitality and may I be ever aware of your presence in stranger and in friend.  Amen.


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