The Lost: A story about the father

Daily reading: Luke 15:11-32
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Focus passage: Jesus said, “A certain man had two sons.  The younger son said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the inheritance.’  Then the father divided his estate between them.” Luke 15:11-12

Unlike the sheep or the coin, we can say that the younger son decided to leave on his own.  But we can also say that the father allowed his son to be lost.  He divided his estate and he in many ways gave the keys to the car to the son and allowed him to leave.

He cannot seek for the lost son, because he has gone to a distant land, but I believe that when his son requested the money and left that there was a part of the dad that was lost.

We can feel lost when relationships are strained or broken.  We can feel lost when a member of the family is removed.  And it is because of that loss that we feel that we are prone to celebrate when the one who is gone returns.

With growth comes loss.  In all areas of our life and that it why this parable is so rich in meaning, it sneaks up on us and gives us new insights each time we read it.

Prayer: God thank you for all that I have, (name all you can think of that you have) show me ways to be generous with what I have with others. Amen.


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