Remaining faithful

Daily reading: Luke 9:28-45
Friday March 3, 2017

Focus passage: Focus passage: As the two men were about to leave Jesus, Peter said to him, “Master, it’s good that we’re here.  We should construct three shrines: one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah” – but he didn’t know what he was saying. Luke 9:33

When we aren’t wishing for something to be over or pining for something new to begin, we are able to see and hear more.  The challenge is to remain faithful at the top of the mountain and at the bottom of it as well. 
And I think this is really important, even when we feel super close to God and have an “ah ha” moment, our response should always first be to listen to God.  The thing with mountaintop experiences is that we have no control over when they are going to happen, yet they do tend to happen when we are actively following Christ, as the three disciples were. 
They happen when we understand and proclaim Jesus to be our Messiah.  And while we might scramble and try to respond to God’s presence in our lives may we remember to take a moment to sit back and to listen and take it all in. 
It is so short and simple.  “Listen to him!”
It is so simple and it is also so difficult. We are bombarded with voices through our day, a number of things grab our attention and we may find that the voice of Jesus is lost in our busyness. His voice can get lost in our day-to day activities of just trying to fit it all in, it can get lost when we enter into someone’s suffering or challenges or within our own, it can even get lost in the moments of rest.  Yet the invitation remains, “Listen to him.” Because, the voice of Jesus applies to every situation we find ourselves in. 

Prayer: God, we often try to do something to get Your attention, not realizing that all along You have been trying to get our attention.  May we hear Your voice throughout our day.  Amen.


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