Lenten Journey

Daily reading: Luke 13:1-9, 31-35
Friday March 17, 2017

Part of our Lenten journey is a journey of stripping away all of the pretenses that falsely inflate our egos.  It is about letting go of all of the expectations that we place upon ourselves that reflect the person we want to project to the world, so we can be loved, or accepted, or perhaps even feared, rather than the person we really are.
Christ desires to meet you where you are:  To embrace the person that God has created you to be, the authentic self that is worthy of love, empathy, forgiveness, grace, mercy and respect.
To fill you with that love and grace so that it is overflowing so that you are able to courageously go to the broken and fragmented places in our world and bear witness to the gospel message of love and acceptance.

Prayer: Welcoming Savior, thank you for being with us no matter what, for loving us and others even in the face of rejection.  Pour your love and acceptance into us today.  Amen.


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