Experiencing the presence of God

Daily reading: Luke 9:28-45
Monday February 27, 2017

Focus passage: As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed and his clothes flashed white like lightning.  Luke 9:29

Where do you go to experience the presence of God? When I took some sabbatical time two summers ago, Dan and I went to the highlands of Scotland with the intent of getting away, clearing my head and listening to God. 
It took three days of walking around 40 miles before the noise in my head silenced and I was able to hear God.
Maybe your go to place isn’t the mountains, but we all need an activity or destination that allows us to gain perspective, direction and clarity.

Prayer: God, we often try to do something to get Your attention, not realizing that all along You have been trying to get our attention.  May we hear Your voice throughout our day.  Amen.


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