A Wide Welcome

Daily reading: Luke 13:1-9, 31-35
Sunday March 12, 2017

During our Lenten season, we are invited to journey with Jesus to Jerusalem.  Leading up to today’s passage, Jesus has been traveling throughout Galilee and his actions point to what God is up to in our world.  God’s welcome is wide and is present in Jesus’ actions.  He has been casting out demons, preaching, healing the blind and lame, stilling storms, dining with outcasts and with opponents.

In the second half of today’s passage, the Pharisees approach Jesus and warn him about entering Jerusalem.  But Jesus is “not on a journey to get away from it all.  He is on a journey to get into it all” (David Lose).  Despite of the fact that “it is impossible for a prophet to be killed outside of Jerusalem” he courageously heads there, showing us that Jesus will go absolutely everywhere to widen the welcome of God.
How does it impact you to know that there is no situation that bans you from God’s presence?

Prayer: Welcoming Savior, thank you for being with us no matter what, for loving us and others even in the face of rejection.  Pour your love and acceptance into us today.  Amen.


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