Daily reading: Luke 6:1-16
Friday February 3, 2017

Focus passage: Then he said to them, “The Human One is Lord of the Sabbath.” Luke 6:5

How do you embody Sabbath?  What do you do to rest and remember that God is God?
Rather than think of Sabbath rest as a demand, think of it as an invitation.  The God of the universe that knows you better than you know yourself, created you for meaningful work and for rest. 
Maybe it can’t be every week at the same time, but calendar in time for Sabbath rest.  If it works for today, wonderful, spend time enjoying life this afternoon, doing something that is life giving, something that rejuvenates you.

Prayer: God of Sabbath rest, help me to find time to faithfully rest and trust that you can provide for me.  Amen.


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