Daily reading: Luke 7:18-35
Tuesday February 14, 2017

Focus passage:  John’s disciples informed him about all these things.  John called two of his disciples and sent them to the Lord.  They were to ask him, “Are you the one who is coming, or should we look for someone else?”  Luke 7:18-19

Perhaps John was hoping that the Messiah would be a political figure that would work to other throw the likes of Herod and free him from prison.  This expectation was not out of line with Israel’s history.  The words Messiah and Christ mean the same thing, they mean “the Anointed One.”  The Kings of Israel were anointed ones or Messiahs.  Cyrus of Persia, who freed the exiles and allowed them to return to their homeland, was called a Messiah.  There is a strong link with the name Messiah and a political figure.

We do not know what John’s expectations were, other than he was uncertain and wanted clarification.  Perhaps he was wondering why Jesus had not come to Jerusalem.  Perhaps he was wondering what Jesus was doing.  There is nothing wrong with John’s question, it is good to question, but it does bring to light the reality that ministry often times, can bring about results that do not match up with our expectations.

Prayer:  God, who invites us to wrestle through the night, be with us as we struggle to match our expectations with yours and know that in these moments of unrest you are working on us, transforming us into Kingdom dwellers.  Help us to be agents of justice, love and compassion in our communities.  Amen.


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