Expanding boundaries

Daily reading: Luke 7:1-17
Sunday February 5, 2017

Daily reading: When Jesus heard these words, he was impressed with the centurion.  He turned to the crowd following him and said, “I tell you, even in Israel I haven’t found faith like this.” Luke 7:9

Luke is showing us that wherever Jesus goes, life is present and abundant.  The geographical boundaries are wide and Jesus is reaching people outside of the Jewish faith.  The first healing in today’s passage is for a centurion who is employed by the Roman state.  Jesus is expanding the boundaries of who is part of God’s family.

Prayer: God help me to see need, in the faces of those on the margins, in places I would rather not look.  Open me to your expansive grace that breaks down barriers and includes all. May I be an agent of your compassion today. Amen.


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