Focus passage: Luke 2:22-40
Sunday, January 1, 2017

What are you waiting for? So much of our experience in our daily living comes from either meeting our expectation of what we are waiting for or not meeting it. 
Let me explain.  We wait for the bus to come, or for the teacher to start class, or for the waitress to bring our food, and if they don’t show up, then what we were waiting for didn’t meet our expectations.
We wait for our computers to turn on and if there is no internet connection, we are disappointed, yes?
And I’m not just thinking of our passive waiting but also our active waiting where we work toward the completion of something.
In anticipation of New Year’s Day, we have been waiting and thinking how might this year be better than last year?
Today’s scripture passage gives us a glimpse into the lives to two people, Simeon and Anna who have been waiting their whole lives for the birth of the Savior and they remind us that Christmas matters.

Prayer: Patient God, help me to allow Your presence to work within me, so that I can grow in faithfulness.  Amen.


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