Waiting for God

Daily reading: Luke 2:22-40
Friday, January 6, 2017

So much of our faith walk isn’t about a check list, it is about waiting.  Today we begin a new year and we wait to see what will unfold this year.  We wait and we pray that God will be present in our lives to move us and mold us.  Perhaps our resolutions should be more about what God wants for us, and for us to do, to accomplish rather than what we want for ourselves.

Perhaps what we wait for in the coming year is for God to help us to let go of the things that are harming us, of unhealthy habits, of destructive patterns and circles we constantly engage in, or of tuning out what matters.  You see, I don’t think God desires that our hopes for the coming year to be so short lived that by February we can’t remember what it was we resolved to change this year.

Prayer: Patient God, help me to allow Your presence to work within me, so that I can grow in faithfulness.  Amen.


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