Simeon and Anna

Daily reading: Luke 2:22-40
Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Simeon’s waiting is a spiritual practice that helps him to deepen his faith in God’s activity in the world.  Each hurdle he over comes only deepens his ability to wait and trust that much more.  In the space of waiting he has allowed God to mold and shape him.
Anna is a widow and has dedicated her life to praising God for most of her adult life by living in the temple, fasting and praying night and day.  She has made a career out of actively waiting.  The scripture says she was married for nine years and then has spent the rest of her life in the temple and she now is 84 years old. 
This waiting has prepared them to recognize Mary, Joseph and Jesus as the Holy Family.  It is not as if the Holy family wore a sign stating it, or that they were doing anything out of the ordinary.  No, they were a poor young family that came to the temple as ordered by Mosaic Law to give a sacrifice as part of the required ritual of purification.  This was something that was done by all Jewish parents with baby boys eight days old. 

Prayer: Patient God, help me to allow Your presence to work within me, so that I can grow in faithfulness.  Amen.


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