Sabbath tension

Daily reading: Luke 6:1-16
Monday January 30, 2017

Focus passage:  One Sabbath, as Jesus was going through the wheat fields, his disciples were picking the heads of wheat, rubbing them in their hands, and eating them.  Some Pharisees said, “Why are you breaking the Sabbath law?” Luke 6:1-2

This call for Sabbath rest will always reveal a tension in our lives.  I’m no statistician but I would say it is safe to say that at least 95% of children fight going to bed and probably a higher percentage of children fight having to take a nap. 

Even from the start of our development when we recognize that we are independent people, we fight having someone tell us that we need to rest.          And probably all of us understand that we need rest, that we need to balance our day and take time away from our busyness but we have a difficult time stopping, slowing down and taking a Sabbath rest.

Now Sabbath rest is more than just taking a break from working at a paying job, in its elemental form it is about resting and trusting that life will go on even if we are not busy doing something.

We all know that we need to take a break; it helps to re-energize us, it helps us to gain perspective, it helps us to alleviate stress that leads to high blood pressure, heart attacks, broken relationships, sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, and so on.

And what happens for many of us, is that we aren’t the people God has created us to be when we are so busy all the time, because what happens internally is that we start to value ourselves upon what we can do and what we can accomplish. 

Prayer: God of Sabbath rest, help me to find time to faithfully rest and trust that you can provide for me.  Amen.


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