Restored Sight

Daily reading: Luke 4:14-30
Friday January 20, 2017

The good news is that God loves us and sees us.  God invites us to be part of this kingdom where we experience grace, and forgiveness and shalom peace.  Even more than that, God loves us enough that God will challenge us to see everyone.

It is the same concept we share with our children when they face a particular challenging task in school or at home, that we love them enough, that we refuse to give up on them, that we know that they can rise to the challenge.  God refuses to give up on us and invites us to help with this Kingdom work that adjusts the scales in our world.

Because, you see, when we begin to see everyone, even those hidden ones, or discarded ones, or overlooked ones, our world expands and stretches and pulls out of our comfort zone and narrow focus.  It offers a space where your story and my story are shared and equally honored.  It allows us to mend our fragmented world.  Rather than listening for what we expect to hear, we listen from a place of wonder that allows us to be led into an unknown future, filled with possibility for release, liberation, freedom, recovery and restoration.

Prayer: Compassionate God, help me to fully see other’s that have been hidden from my sight.  Help me to be present in their struggles and empower me to be moved by the Spirit.  Amen.


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