Daily reading: Luke 3:1-22
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Focus passage: John went throughout the region of the Jordan River, calling for people to be baptized to show that they were changing their hearts and lives and wanted God to forgive their sins.  Luke 3:3

John invites us to prepare for the coming of the Lord with repentance.  In Hebrew is the word “shuv” which means to turn around or return.  I like this imagery, to think of repenting as an act of turning around and facing and following God once again.  In Greek it is metanoia, which means more than saying you are sorry, it means a transformation of the heart and mind.
It is an offering of release so that grace can permeate one’s life.  The longer we live in a grace-filled community, the more we understand that we all are going to end up disappointing one another.  We all end up doing something stupid and hurtful, either intentionally or unintentionally.  That is a given in life, but what isn’t necessarily a  given is living in a grace-filled community.  When we live in a grace-filled community we find that forgiveness helps to heal the brokenness in our relationships.  It is something we don’t deserve but is given none-the-less.

Prayer: God, help me to fill the world with grace in big and small ways.  Help me to seek you out.  Amen.


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