Friday, January 13, 2017

Radical realignment

Daily reading: Luke 3:1-22
Friday, January 13, 2017

Focus passage:
This is just as it was written in the scroll of the words of Isaiah the prophet,
A voice crying out in the wilderness:
    Prepare the way for the Lord;
        make his paths straight.
Every valley will be filled,

    and every mountain and hill will be leveled.
The crooked will be made straight
    and the rough places made smooth.
All humanity will see God’s salvation. Luke 3:4-6

John uses words from Isaiah 40 to re-imagine a passage that was first spoken to exiles returning home, exiles that also entered into the waters of the Jordan.  A grace-filled community culminates in the filling of valleys and the smashing down of the mountains so the crooked can be made straight and the rough ways made smooth.
When Dan and I were on a short term mission in Nicaragua, once we left the city of Managua, we learned quickly that you cannot get from one town to another, let alone around town, without going over hills and around sharp curves.   The narrow unpaved roads would become an obstacle course when they became wet.  We went during the “dry season”, yet it rained almost every day.  Mud was everywhere and I can’t image the patience and balance it took the villagers to get clean water and food daily.  And yet, while I struggled to move and be in a place so out of my comfort zone, I encountered grace and love and happiness in this small village. 

Prayer: God, help me to fill the world with grace in big and small ways.  Help me to seek you out.  Amen.

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