God sees you

Luke 4:14-30
Thursday January 19, 2017

Empowered and filled by the Spirit, Jesus tells that God’s power is different from our world’s power because it causes us to notice not only those who are overlooked, hidden, or forgotten, but it also calls us to question the power structures that allow some to be overlooked, hidden or forgotten. 

The amazing thing is that Jesus tells us this good news is for those on the margins and the invitation then is set wide.  Because no one lives in a vacuum, this good news is not just for those on the bottom, it is for us all because there are areas in all of our lives that are in need of this good news.

We need to hear and know that no one is unworthy of God’s good news so that we can hear and know once again that we are worthy.

Prayer: Compassionate God, help me to fully see other’s that have been hidden from my sight.  Help me to be present in their struggles and empower me to be moved by the Spirit.  Amen.


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