Advent Hope

Daily reading: Daniel 6:6-27
Sunday November 27, 2016

Focus passage: They then went and talked to the king about the law: “Your Majesty!  Didn’t you sign a law, that for thirty days any person who prays to any god or human being besides you, Your Majesty, would be thrown into a pit of lions?”  The king replied, “The decision is absolutely firm in accordance with the law of Media and Persia, which cannot be annulled.”  So they said to the king, “One of the Judean exiles, Daniel, has ignored you, Your Majesty, as well as the law you signed.  He says his prayers three times a day!”  When the king heard this report, he was very unhappy.  He decided to rescue Daniel and did everything he could to save Daniel before the sun went down.  But these men, all ganged together, came and said to the king, “You must realize, Your Majesty, that the law of Media and Persia, including every law and edict the king has issued cannot be changed.” Daniel 6:12-15
Hope is not optimism and we water it down when we use it in situations where we say “I hope to get a reservation” or “I hope to win the lottery.”  Biblical hope is not a word we throw in when we know the outcome is bleak and believe it is really a shot in the dark that anything other than what we know will happen will happen.
Biblical hope remains with us even when we walk through the valley of darkness and allows us not to fear evil, why?  Because hope remind us that God is with us.  Christian hope is grounded in the unquestionable reliability of God.
Hope is what gives way in the darkest nights and pushes us to live into a reality not yet here. 

Prayer: Holy God, help me throughout my day to put you first.  May my words, thoughts and actions honor you.  May your abundant hope fill my day and lead me into tomorrow.  Amen.


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