The doorpost to freedom

Daily reading: Exodus 12:1-13, 13:1-8
Thursday October 6,2016

Focus passage:  They should take some of the blood and smear it on the two doorposts and on the beam over the door of the houses in which they are eating.  Exodus 12:7

The transition toward freedom is marked by the blood of the lamb on everyone’s doorpost.  These homes were never meant to be their permanent dwelling places, because their home is a future possibility, in Canaan in the land of promise. 

Yet they mark the most important part of their temporary dwelling, the doorpost, the place that is both the entry and exit point of the home.  At first it protects them from the final plague and then becomes the exit from slavery into freedom.

Their faith is made visible in the marking of the door and the movement over the threshold for the last time the following day.  They are letting go.  When we let go, we recognize in that we moment that we are more than our past experiences, we are more than just what we have accumulated, our possessions, our titles, our degrees, our occupations, or place in family.  We are also what we are becoming.  In order to move toward the Promised Land, the Hebrew people could no longer see themselves as slaves, they had to see their future self, their free self that God was creating for them in this moment of liberation.

Prayer:  Faithful God, you lead us into an unknown future, help me to let go of the things, attitudes, assumptions and habits that are keeping me from living joyfully in the future.  Amen.


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