Preparing to let go

Daily reading: Exodus 12:1-13, 13:1-8
Friday October 7, 2016

Every member of the community has the same meal that evening.  They together eat bitter herbs to remember the hardship, suffering and tears of slavery.  It is not only something in their memories, with blistered hands and bent over backs, they taste the experience of bondage.  They also share in flat bread made without yeast as a sign of their readiness to leave quickly to freedom.  The lamb is roasted, rather than boiled in the water of Egypt, that through the plagues had become a source of death.  They roast it over the fire, remembering the story of the burning bush and liberator Moses’ call to lead them to freedom.  They roast the lamb over the fire and we readers anticipate the fire that will lead them through the wilderness to freedom and new life.

They are instructed to eat all of the roasted meat.  None is to go to waste.  In this moment God is crafting a new economy.  Everyone has enough which stands in stark contrast to Egypt’s economy of scarcity, where the rich have more than enough because of the back breaking work of those without.

They are to eat it all, as a sign of faith that God will abundantly provide for them on the journey ahead.

As they eat they do so in a posture ready to leave, eating quickly with shoes on and walking stick in hand.

The economy of Pharaoh is hard to break.  We have a hard time letting go even when something life giving is placed within our reach.  Our destructive habits become our gods.

We set our calendars around our priorities and end up becoming enslaved to it and to its demands.

Prayer:  Faithful God, you lead us into an unknown future, help me to let go of the things, attitudes, assumptions and habits that are keeping me from living joyfully in the future.  Amen.


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