Freely giving

Daily reading: 1 Samuel 1:9-11,19-20, 2:1-10
Thursday October 20, 2016

Focus passage: Then Hannah prayed: My heart rejoices in the LORD.  My strength rises up in the LORD!  My mouth mocks my enemies because I rejoice in your deliverance.  No one is holy like the LORD – no, no one except you!  There is no rock like our God! 1 Samuel 2:1-2

Hannah is able to see that the gift of her son was never hers to hoard.  In her promise to give Samuel to the temple, she recognizes that everyone is a valuable member of society.
We don’t hear a word about her struggle to give; instead she sings a song of praise and strength that has come from God.  She sings a song, rightly taking her place in her community, speaking words of faithfulness to a budding nation that is in chaos. 

Prayer:  God, help me to see how I can fully live my life as an offering to you.  Amen.


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