Community in action

Daily reading: Exodus 12:1-13, 13:1-8
Wednesday October 5, 2016

In order to prepare God gives the entire community something to do, their daily routine for that last day as slaves is ordered by God, beginning the striking transition that has to happen for a people to be free.   It is important to note that freedom cannot materialize unless the people are willing to move from it.  No longer are they to follow the order of Pharaoh that takes, kills and oppresses.  Their value will no longer be measured by their ability to fulfill the latest brick quota for Pharaoh.  Their value no longer will be something they earn; it will be measured by extravagant love God who calls them children.

In order to reorient the people to freedom time, they must let go of the past, in community.  God begins to build the community by giving them all, every single one of them a shared task.  At the moment of twilight, literally the time between the evenings, at the marking of the end of one day and the beginning of a new day, they will all take an unblemished lamb, slaughter it and roast it.  Every household, can you image?  The entire community, synchronized in motion, together.  This movement toward freedom isn’t a slow trickle, not it will be a flood of movement. 
The task is rich in meaning but we should never miss or overlook the impact of having everyone participate.  Even if your family is too small to eat one lamb, then you are to share in community what you have.  Nothing is to go to waste and no one is to be excluded.  Everyone will mark this time of letting go so that they can let freedom come.

Prayer:  Faithful God, you lead us into an unknown future, help me to let go of the things, attitudes, assumptions and habits that are keeping me from living joyfully in the future.  Amen.


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