Daily reading: 1 Samuel 1:9-11,19-20, 2:1-10
Monday October 17, 2016

Focus passage: And because the LORD had kept her from conceiving, her rival would make fun of her mercilessly, just to bother her. 1 Samuel 1:6

Hannah’s barrenness surely is a sore spot for herself but to add to her sorrow, her husband’s other wife makes fun of her barrenness year after year.  Despite her husband’s deep abiding love for her, she still longs for a son.

Hannah refuses to eat at the temple and is driven to tears and in her prayers she asks God to remember her when she is at the temple.
Remember me, she prays.  Re-member me.  Put me back together God.  Re-member my disjointed family God.  Re-member my community and my place in it.  Re-member the broken places, the barren places, the dead places in my life and in my family’s life, remember me.

Prayer:  God, help me to see how I can fully live my life as an offering to you.  Amen.


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