Sharing holy bread

Daily reading: Luke 11:2-4
Thursday September 1, 2016

Focus passage: Give us the bread we need for today. Luke 11:3

We recognize that God has called us to come to this neighborhood because we too are hungry.  We have hungry souls that long to be filled by sacred words and holy conversations.  We also come to participate in the divine act of sharing bread, in the real physicality of growing food and in the real physicality of sharing communion bread and wine together.
Jesus teaches us to pray for God to give us each day the bread that we need.  In the prayer, we recognize that we do need daily nourishment but we don’t pray for excess, we don’t pray to have enough so that we can hoard it.  We pray that we have enough for the day and in that gift of enough we recognize the presence of God.
Prayer: God, thank you for providing all that we need for a healthy life.  I pray for the wisdom to choose what is good and to recognize the abundance that you provide so that I can share with others.  Amen..


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