Practicing forgiveness

Daily reading: Luke 11:2-4
Wednesday September 7, 2016

Focus passage: Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who has wronged us.  And don’t lead us into temptation.  Luke 11:4

When we practice forgiveness we remember that we all are beloved children of God, you and me, everyone and so we choose to treat each other with respect and dignity even if we are not being treated that way.
There is a power in forgiveness because when we don’t forgive we allow the person who wronged us to have power over us.  And maybe this has happened to you, someone has done something to you and it hurt you, maybe physically, maybe spiritually, maybe emotionally and you hold onto that hurt and that moment. 
Perhaps what happened even begins to control you, the hurt and the anger begins to change you, it can rob us of our joy and make us bitter.
Bad experiences can begin to own us.  We can become weighted down and find that our heart becomes calcified and hard.  Our perception of the whole world, of the people we encounter can be altered when we hold onto past wrongs. 
When we forgive we are saying that this moment, this event, this person is no longer going to control me.

Prayer: God, help me to practice forgiveness today, help me to forgive myself and others.  Lead me down a good path today and help me to make good choices that honor you.  Amen.


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