Daily reading: Genesis 15:1-6
Sunday September 18, 2016

Focus passage: Then he brought Abram outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars if you think you can count them.”  He continued, “This is how many children you will have.” Genesis 15:5

When I was a teenager on our annual trip to rural Kansas in the summer, my cousin took me out with her friends into a farmer’s field.  We were far away from any lights and I saw, for the first time, the night sky in all its majesty.  To say that I was amazed would be an understatement.  I imagine this is what Abram saw when he looked up at the heavens and God spoke to him.  “See those stars Abram?  Can you count them?”  Before Abram can answer the obvious and say “No Lord, I cannot,” God continues, “That is how many children you will have.” 

We so often put limits on God: on God’s love, on God’s faithfulness, on God’s grace, on God’s forgiveness, on God’s presence and kingdom.  Today open yourself to God’s limitlessness in your life.

Prayer: God, help me to live more faithfully into your promises.  Amen.


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