Daily reading: Genesis 37:3-8, 12-16, 17b-22, 26-34; 50:15-21
Thursday September 29, 2016

Focus passage: Joseph could no longer control himself in front of all of his attendants, so he declared, “Everyone, leave now!” So no one stayed with him when he revealed his identity to his brothers.  He wept so loudly that the Egyptians and Pharaoh’s household heard him.  Joseph said to his brothers, “I’m Joseph!  Is my father really still alive?”  His brothers couldn’t respond because they were terrified before him.  Joseph said to his brothers, “Come closer to me,” and they moved closer.  He said, “I’m your brother Joseph!  The one you sold to Egypt.  Now, don’t be upset and don’t be angry with yourselves that you sold me here.  Actually, God sent me before you to save lives.” Genesis 45:1-5

There is a power play that ensues, along with plenty of trickery and we are not sure if Joseph is really going to reveal his identity or trap his brothers.  At the height of the drama, when the brothers realize that they are about to lose their youngest brother Benjamin to this Egyptian official, Judah says to Joseph “Have you a father or a brother?  … We have a father, an old man, and a young brother, the child of his old age.  His brother is dead; he alone is left of his mother’s children, and his father loves him.” These words break Joseph down, no longer able to be the Egyptian ruler, he now reveals himself to his brothers, with tears streaming down his face, by giving them the name that their father gave to him, he says “I am Joseph your brother.”

It is in this moment that Joseph is able to live into the dream by offering reconciliation and we can see how God will indeed work through this dysfunctional family and keep what seems to be an impossible promise. 

Prayer: Faithful God, thank you for your sure and constant presence in my life.  Help me to turn to you when I struggle with my relationships.  Amen.


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