Embracing forgiveness

Daily reading: Luke 11:2-4
Monday September 5, 2016

Focus passage: Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who has wronged us.  And don’t lead us into temptation.  Luke 11:4

Forgiveness is a central component of our faith and our understanding of God’s working in our world – yet it may be one of the most difficult concepts to live out in our lives, because when we forgive we give up our natural tendency to seek revenge – to remain angry – to lash out – and to fuel our rage. 
In order to live fully in Christian community, we must embrace the spiritual discipline of forgiveness.  

Prayer: God, help me to practice forgiveness today, help me to forgive myself and others.  Lead me down a good path today and help me to make good choices that honor you.  Amen.


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