The generous kingdom

Daily reading: Luke 16:19-31 and Matthew 20:1-16
Friday August 26, 2016

Focus passage: Don’t I have the right to do what I want with what belongs to me?  Or are you resentful because I am generous? Matthew 20:15

Parables are rich in meaning, they often leave us with more questions than answers and Jesus rarely explains them, leaving us room to grow into the stories he teaches.

The kingdom of God pushes against our tendency to say some people are in and we can justify others being out, because in the kingdom absolutely everyone is worthy.  It is experienced when we are able to see the dignity and realize the shared humanity of ourselves along with the outcasts of our society.

The kingdom is a place where God’s generosity causes us to question our world view of what is fair.

It is a place where God is always seeking us out.

It is the lesson learned that grace is a gift and it absolutely cannot be earned.

The kingdom of God is already and not yet.

Prayer: God, help me to experience your kingdom today, in my words and my actions guide me.  Amen.


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