Suffering and Faithfulness

Daily reading:  Job 40-42:6
Thursday August 11, 2016

Focus passage:  Would you question my justice, deem me guilty so you can be innocent? Job 40:8

God asks Job, “would you question my justice, deem me guilty so you can be innocent?”

Job wonders why he is suffering and God responds, “Job if you don’t even understand the question, how could you begin to understand the answer to your question?”

Job’s response to God is “I have indeed spoken about things I didn’t understand, wonders, beyond my comprehension.”  He says “My ears had heard about you, but now my eyes have seen you.  Therefore, I relent and find comfort on dust and ashes.”

The word translated as relent in Hebrew is often translated as to “change one’s mind and setting out on a new path.”

God’s response to Job has allowed him to change his mind about the role of suffering in a faithful person’s life.  Job doesn’t say any more, but his silence opens a place for us to contemplate, and ponder and be in a place of wonder.

Prayer:  God of the suffering Christ, I praise you for you have never abandoned me.  Your faithfulness is beyond comprehension.  Help me to accept my current reality and find your loving presence in the now.  Amen.


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