Sharing bread

Daily reading: Luke 11:2-4 and Luke 9:10-17
Sunday August 28, 2016

Focus passage: Everyone ate until they were full, and the disciples filled twelve baskets with leftovers. Luke 9:17
Go to any church in town and I would bet that they all say this of themselves: “ We know how to feed people.”  As I travel to different houses of worship for the Downtown Church Connection meetings, it is inevitable that while we are sharing a meal, the host will boast about their congregation’s hospitality when it comes to church pot lucks. 
It is part of the fabric of what we do.  Christians like to eat together.  We welcome one another into our homes, we break bread, and we share the stories of our day.  It is what we do.  It is not surprising that the only miracle story that all four gospel writers tell, and some more than once, is about the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish.  Talk about a pot luck dinner, talk about abundance, talk about both physical and spiritual nourishment!
Prayer: God, thank you for providing all that we need for a healthy life.  I pray for the wisdom to choose what is good and to recognize the abundance that you provide so that I can share with others.  Amen..


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