Daily reading: Luke 11:2-4
Tuesday August 30, 2016

Focus passage: Give us the bread we need for today. Luke 11:3

We are a congregation centered upon both the sacred and physical nature of food.  We have intentionally and prayerfully sought out ways to address the real hunger that exists in our neighborhood that is labeled as a food desert. 
A food desert is a place where the residents cannot walk a reasonable distance to a market that sells fresh healthy food at a fair price.
We know that there are people in this neighborhood that are hungry:  Hungry for community, hungry for good fresh food, and hungry for spiritual nourishment.  We know because we all experience that same hunger.  It is what it means to be human.  We crave meaningful relationships, we crave good fresh food, and we crave a relationship with our holy sacred God.
Prayer: God thank you for providing all that we need for a healthy life.  I pray for the wisdom to choose what is good and to recognize the abundance that you provide so that I can share with others.  Amen..


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