A ministry of food

Daily reading: Luke 11:2-4
Wednesday August 31, 2016

Focus passage: Give us the bread we need for today. Luke 11:3
Our community prayers have led our congregation through a paradigm shift.  To look back on it is beautiful, to see how God spoke through various families in our community and how their answer to God’s call began an organic movement. 
It has been part of the DNA of this congregation for some time.  I am sure that some of you can share earlier stories than what I will share, but I will take you back to our Dinner with our Neighbors when we ,along with our Hispanic nesting congregation, invited families from Lamar Elementary to our church on Sunday evenings to share a meal together. 
It grew into a family in our congregation tilling their land and growing 1,000s of tons of fresh food for the Kelly Memorial Food pantry.  Jardin de Milagros has blossomed into a community center where people from all over come to help with the labor of the farm so that those living in a food desert can have fresh good food to eat.
It grew into an invitation to three women in our community that had a shared dream to provide a community café in this neighborhood where everyone can eat regardless of their ability to pay.  They have created a community centered on the love of Christ that seeks to meet not only the spiritual hunger we all have but also the physical hunger we all have.
At the same time we began working with our neighbors to create a raised bed community garden on our front lawn.  Community happens in shared conversation about watering and growth cycles of vegetables.
Prayer: God, thank you for providing all that we need for a healthy life.  I pray for the wisdom to choose what is good and to recognize the abundance that you provide so that I can share with others.  Amen..


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