Responding to undeserved suffering

Daily reading: Job 1:1-22
Friday July 8, 2016

Focus passage:  Job arose, tore his clothes, shaved his head, fell to the ground, and worshipped. Job 1:21

The story of Job calls us to have a deeper relationship with our God, despite the reality that we all will face undeserved suffering in our life.   God’s faithfulness isnt conditional.  God’s love isn’t conditional.  It is rooted in relationship and strong relationships are able to get through storms and be present with us in the midst of undeserved suffering.

Faithfulness and relationship with God isn’t something we only work on for one hour a week in community.  While it is beneficial to come together in community, to pray with and for one another, to support one another in our joys and in our trials; we need to work daily at our relationship with God and this can happen in our private prayers but also in our support and encouragement we provide for one another in our communities.

Job does what he has always done, he prays to God when life is easy and when life is hard.

Prayer:  God you are Holy and worthy to be praised, I lift up and name the areas in my life where I am experiencing suffering … I lift up and name the areas in the life of my family and community where there is suffering … I lift up and name the places in our world where there is suffering … help us to find your peace and comfort.  Amen.


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